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Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Fragrant Bolsters - Striptease!!

Here are my 2 Must-Haves when I sleep....

Please meet my Big Bolster which I hug to sleep every night. It provides with great comfort to have this bolster kiap-ed in between my legs.

The Frog Bolster is a vibrating Bolster...the black plug has an "on-off" switch and it runs on 2 AA Batteries.

Today's Focus will be on my big bolster. It's about 5 ft long in length with a 6 to 7 inch diameter (about the size of a Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizza or slightly bigger)

This is my Bolster posing with my Bunny Ears Trademark

Half Stripped!

Fully Stripped!

Top View Of My Bolster....Drool stains...nice and fragrant!

Bottom View...Dirty Paws Stains...

I think my bantal busuk (stinky comfort pillow)'s stains would be much worst than my bolster.
Do you have any comfort items that you hug to sleep that you can share with me? Do share with me your comments.

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