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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Behind The Scenes - Fashion Show

It's wonderful when pictures can tell a story...

Pictures can tell a good story when taken properly. The below depicts a fashion show's backstage. A lot of work on the event day itself has been poured into making a 20 min catwalk a success. Models, crews, photographer, videographer are often in the event area 6 to 8 hours before the actual show starts...

1. Every fashion show has a model sequence plan showing what the model has to wear in each round. All outfits will be arranged accordingly on the clothes rack together with shoes and accessories to match the outfit.

2. The makeup theme of the models are discussed before the show between the fashion show planner and the makeup team. This sheet below shows how dramatic the eye makeup would have to be for all models in this particular show.

3. The makeup artiste is working her magic on one of the model's face.

4. Other models are awaiting their turn to have their face and hair done.

5. Models are having their faces done. The makeup artist is deep in concentration doing up the model's fake eyelashes.

6. The model is checking if her falsies are attached and glued on properly as an eyelash mishap whilst on the catwalk rounds could be disastrous.

7. How are my eyes? Dramatic enough?

8. The hairstylist is surveying and deciding on how to dress up this model's hair.

9. The model and a crew decides to snap some pictures in the backstage whilst the model awaits her turn for her hair to be done up.

10. Pose...Smileeeeee

11. Emcee getting ready...Black Heels or Gold Heels? Which matches my outfit better?

12. Besides the Models and Emcee getting dolled up for the catwalk, the backstage crew are also busy preparing the outfits according to the round sequences. Ironing of the outfits is a must so that there will be no creases and sorting accessories according to models are done by the fitter who is in charge of the model.

13. On the frontline, ribbon bows have been prepared beforehand as IDs for invited guests and light refreshments are also served during this event...and then it'll be show time soon...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE END~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



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