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Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Compact DigiCam Wishlist

I am planning to buy myself a new canggih* camera (*canggih in this context meaning power packed functions). I started to developed an interest in photography after joining 2 local forums and admiring pictures that other people took. I would love to take pictures of landscape, nature, food and still objects. I just have to bring myself to dump RM1749 to buy a Canon G9 camera with a 2GB memory card next month. Doesn't the camera look good?

A lot of people has advised me "Why don't you buy a DSLR camera instead?". The reason I am not buying one is that I would still prefer a more compact digital camera that will allow me to stash in my handbag but yet offers me add-on lenses such as a macro lens and others. This camera so far has received good reviews. I am still currently doing a price checkup before I actually purchase this camera. A DSLR camera would be in my wishlist later when I feel like graduating to that platform.

I did get tempted by the Sony Cybershot series as they were so stylish, colorful but they are also expensive and may not offer the functions that I would like to have in a camera.

The Sony series above cost RM1399!!!



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