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Monday, February 11, 2008

A Funny Tale

Yesterday I was out having CNY lunch with my ex-Secondary School friends at the Sri Petaling Seafood Restaurant. Narveen told us an insanely hilariously story regarding her days in Primary School.

The Story Teller - Narveen

One of her classmates got her 1st menses and at that time Narveen was the Class Monitor. The Teacher gave Narveen a Sanitary Pad and told her to help the classmate out with it. As always with typical Malaysian families, she was never briefed by her mum on the menses cycle. So she didn't have a clue on how to explain to her classmate on how to put it on. So she and her classmate peeled open the plastic of the sanitary pad and saw the plastic paper covering the sticky part. To Narveen, she had a bright idea that the sanitary pad will work like a handy-plas of which the plastic paper is covering the "ubat*". So she strongly advised her classmate to peel off the plastic cover and wear it facing upwards and not the sticky part stuck downwards on to the panty! Her classmate complained that it was uncomfortable but Narveen with confidence told her that it was the correct way! When Narveen got home and told her mum, her mum was speechless and we all laughed our heads off at our table....

*ubat = medicine

Her son, Jaihan with huge big eyes. In future, He'll be a lady killer with those sexy eyes!

CNY Deco at the restaurant where we had lunch...Gold Golf Balls!



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