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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Donut Evolution in Malaysia

Doughnuts have evolved over the past decades here in Malaysia. Our 1st generation of donuts can be said to be the local traditional Malay Kuih Keria (Kuih is Cake in Malay). Soon, the western influence came in and we had the plain yeast raised doughnuts rolled in normal caster sugar. Then Dunkin Donuts came into the picture and they reigned as the only premium ring-ed and filled donuts in Malaysia for a decade or two. Recently, last year to be exact, J'Co's and Big Apple Donuts entered the Malaysia scene bringing their light and fluffy not too sweet donuts. These donuts are considered a spin-off or hybrid of the ever famous Krispy Kremes.

Back in the old days, the traditional Malay donuts called Kuih Keria Gelang (Gelang means Bangle) were made from mashed boiled / steamed sweet potatoes, mixed with flour, salt and sugar and is shaped like donuts and then deep fried. It is then rolled in a sugar syrup. This kuih (malay for cake) is usually served during breakfast and teatime. This is not really considered as a doughnut as it doesn't contain any yeast or baking agent to make it rise light and fluffy. The texture of this Kuih Keria is dense and chewy.

The 1st Generation - The Original Glazed Donut - Kuih Keria bought at the Taman Bahagia Morning Hawker Stall for RM0.40 each

The 2nd Generation - The Western Influenced Donut. Plain Sugar Raised Doughnuts. They are available at almost everywhere from roadside stalls to bakeries to hotel cafes. This one I bought from a Malay Kuih Stall at the Taman Bahagia LRT Station for RM0.40 each. They open at 7.30am every weekday.

Dunkin Donuts reached our shores in the 80's or 90's...I can't remember. They were the first to introduce filled donuts and many topping varieties donuts. They reigned over the Malaysian scene till last year when the 4th generation donuts came in.
The 3rd Generation - Dunkin Donuts - Mocha and Straw Filled. I only like the Straw Filled Donut. The Mocha one was too sweet. Priced at RM2.20 a piece. Bought this at the KLCC Branch.

J Co's and Big Apple Donuts are currently the newcomers to the Malaysian shores. When first launched, these 2 donut brands caused a stir as there were long snake queues with customers willingly queuing for an hour or two just to buy these light sinfully fattening donuts. Both donut chains are opened by Indonesians. Rumour has it that they have worked in Krispy Kremes (the original light and fluffy commercialized donuts) before and copied the concept and varieties and turning it into J Co's and Big Apple. The funny thing between J Co's and Big Apple donuts are 70% of their donuts are of the same variety right down to choice of deco but are named differently. These donuts bring our tastebuds to a higher level as the donuts were light and fluffy and eating one wasn't enough!
The 4th Generation Donuts - J Co's Donuts. In here are some of my favourites which are honey glazed and peanut butter filled. The rest are the honey glazed (glazzy), choco filled (coco loco) and the wheaty topping donut.

4th Generation - Honey Glazed Donut. Made from wheat flour and glazed with honey. A total difference from our traditional kuih keria, right?

What other donuts did I miss out? Care to highlight to me?

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