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Saturday, March 22, 2008

A revisit to KL Butterfly Park

I was lucky to be in the company of a macro sifu (sifu = master in Cantonese) to the Butterfly Park today and he was kind enough to loan me his macro lens and spare battery when my battery began to run out...His macro lens which I hand held in my left hand against my own camera lens when I shot these pics really opened a new window in my eyes. The insects details became more defined and I could actually see their eyes, eyeballs, fur and more defined colors on the insect bodies.

1. A sprig of fresh Basil Flower

2. I hear some rustling in a bush...what can it be?

3. Oh..!!! It's a butterfly!

4. A Black Moth with polka dots

5. A closer view to its face

6. A cricket

7. A dragon fly sunning its wings

8. Another dragon fly sunning itself

9. I like this blue polka dots butterfly

10. Out of a sudden, I heard a rustle and took a snapshot of this head that just caught this butterfly...I then nearly dropped my camera as I initially thought it was a snake....when I looked closer, then I only realized it was a garden lizard...but still...very geli (geli = the feeling of disgusted/vile in Malay)

11. After I snapped its pictures, Francis Sifu went to snap and he was brave enough to go closer but the garden lizard just wanted to eat in peace and went to hide behind the pots of shrubs...

12. A visit to the tortoise pond....

13. Moth at Feeding Tray

14. A very willing Butterfly Model who was stationery throughout when Francis Sifu and I were shooting from various angles

15. So nice the colors of the wings...I can see its eyes...its exciting!

16. The sunlight made this butterfly wings which was supposed to be green come out blue instead on my camera...

17. Can you its eyeballs???

18. It's supposed to be green!!! Y blue ah???

19. A damselfly

20. Does it look as if it's wearing sunglasses?

21. An orange butterfly on a white flower. I have troubles taking white always looks overexposed...

22. There were alot of butterflies stopping here...

23. A black and yellow moth

24. Another interesting blue and black moth

25. Resting on a leaf 1

26. Resting on a leaf 2

27. Another moth feeding on the hibiscus feeding tray

28. A praying Mantis

29. A transparent pupae under a leaf

30. A butterfly on Sifu's hand

31. Sifu trying to kiss the butterfly

32. A bad estimation of my flash focus...only the wings came out and the head is missing

33. Another Blue and Black Moth

34. A butterfly with its wings folded

35. On the ground...beware where you step!!!

36. Backside view...

37. A baby giant milipede...

38. On our way out, I saw this colorful moth...I could have mistaken it anytime for a butterfly due to its colors...

I really enjoyed this round out and is very motivated to save and purchase a macro lens of my own...

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