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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Marketing Away Day 2

My 2nd away day from office at The Saujana was really good too. I arrived there early and took the opportunity to take pictures around the hotel grounds. Then I realized as I was editing the pictures that some of the flowers looked like sex organs.... :Þ

Male Sex Organ Flowers

Pussy looking Orchids

Frangipani Flower

Money Plant

View from the back of the hotel facing the golf course

White Lily

White Chive Flower

Orange Hibiscus - Shaky Paw Picture

Coffee Machine

Bfast Day 2 - Fried Bihun (Fine Rice Noodles) & Samosas

Fried Bihun with nice juicy PRAWNS!

Coffee Break 1 - Juice, Coffe or Tea with Biscottis

Coffee Break Snacks - Fruit Tartlets. Really yummy and tastes just right with rich short crust pastry

Choco Filled Pastries - Not too sweet with rich choc fillings

My Fav Biscotti with pistachios and walnuts

I am sure it'd taste better with coffee but since I can't take caffeine, tea is the next best choice...

Lunch Buffet with more PRAWNS!!!

A closer view of the sweet fresh PRAWNS!


A 2nd plate of asian mixed foods with roast lamb slices

Fruits to complete my lunch...

Tea Break at 3.30pm - Banana Cake, Mini Pizza, Salmon tarlet and skewered fresh fruits...yummy...I had a 2nd round...

I really enjoyed the 2 days away from office. On Monday I will have to type out my 20+ pages of meeting minutes. I hope I can remember all the details and read my handwriting.

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At March 18, 2008 at 11:54 AM , Blogger TINTIN said...

the food,..the food,...umm..yummy~


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