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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary Part 2

These are some pictures of how the Orang Asli (Natives) live.

The Orang Asli homes here still use firewood as means of heating or cooking. There are no easy conveniences that we city folks use such as gas or electrical items.

All the houses are elevated by stilts of various heights.

A semi-modern kampung (kampung = village in Malay) with well structured wood planks and a zinc roof.

Naomi and I drove back to the elephant park and Jeremy decides to walk in on his own...

Farsight standing in the middle of our road attempting to "block" us from getting in...

After parking our cars, we went to visit theis little elephant who is in medical care and quarantine. Look at how skinny she is...we can see her backbone jutting out. This baby elephant survived a tiger attack. She was separated from her mother and was attacked by a tiger. Heavily traumatized and wounded, she made her way into a nearby village and collapsed. The villagers then called the wildlife officers for help and this survivor was brought to the elephant park to recuperate.

The tiger attack left her tail-less, part of her hind hoof bitten off and bite marks all over her body. I see her and my heart feels really sad.

The mahouts tell me that the park's 13 elephants can eat a 8 bushels of sugarcanes a day!

Each elephant will get a crate of fruits such as papayas, bananas, cucumbers and watermelons for their lunch time feed as well as banana tree trunks...

I have some feeding pictures but I will add them in later as I have not edited them.

During feeding time, many visitors took this opportunity to pose with the elephants. This little boy was really scared of the elephant and clung on to his mum crying as his dad waited to take a picture of them both.

After feeding time with the visitors, the elephants were led off for the dry park walk. After that, it was bathing time with the elephants.

An elephant with its mahout walking to deeper parts of the river....

Another little boy also scared of the elephant as his dad carries him...

The little boy's dad trying to calm his son down and showing him that this big animal is actually harmless...

The little boy eventually calms down and helps bathes the elephants with the other people....

This is the editor of 24/7 Asia, Onny, who is dipping his legs into the elephant river (which we saw elephant shit float by later on...eeewwwwwwww.....)

The cream of my pictures....a buxom bikini clad lass....wooo-la-la....!!!)

Almost all guys eyes were also on her....

To end my trip to the park, here's a group pic taken by farsight's camera on tripod...

I had a great time out with PhotoKaki forum members. Hope there are more outings like this in the future.



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