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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Edible Lingerie??

Yesterday's downpour was horrendous. It poured for close to 2 hours causing massive jams in KL and PJ and continued to rain and drizzle for the next 4 hours. It took me 3 hours to reach 1 U Shopping Mall from Jalan Imbi, KL. Why did I go 1U? It was because I wanted to attend the Triumph Gala Night whereby they launched the new Triumph International Brand Logo.

There were singing performances by Sharizan and Noryn Aziz, the emcee was a super skinny Daphne Iking, fashion showcasing the designers who are working with Triumph this round such as Bill Keith, Jason Yek, Justin Yap, Carven Ong, Khoon Hoi, Richard Tsen and Jimmy Lin (not the Taiwan Celebrity!). I didn't take any pictures of the stage activity as it was too crowded and I was exhausted and hungry.

Edible Lingerie?? My 1st impression would be those sickly tasting latex-like chocolate or strawberry edible lingerie that one finds in the sex shops...

They turned out to be lingerie cupcakes! The cupcakes were light but they were tooth achingly sweet.

As for Fashion show pictures, I will upload them once my friends upload theirs and I get their permission to do so.

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