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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Home Made Burgers

Last Sunday, My Bro In Law (a lawyer who also happens to be a fantastic chef!) made burgers buns and meat patties from the scratch..!!!

1. Home made Light Fluffy Buns baking in the golden brown and yummy looking!

2. My BIL (Bro In Law) resting the freshly baked buns and slicing them into halves

3. The assembling of the burger

4. My mum's version....

5. My dad's version

6. A fully assembled one...looks quite a mouthful hor...

7. My 2nd sis used fork and knife to eat...

8. Mor Mor Bunny eat without the bun bec 9pm already and so don't want to eat too full

9. The true way of eating a burger....

All in all....his 1st attempt was good....but I'd prefer a slightly saltier meat patty with more onions in it....hehhehehe...I am an onion person...

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