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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Windows Series in Ipoh

I took some pictures of Windows while walking up and down the streets of Ipoh Old Town. I can't really do this in Kuala Lumpur as the traffic congestion, pollution and crime rate in the spots where I would love to photograph are really bad.

1. Depliliated Building Windows. This Building is about a century old.

2. The Antique Shop's side alley window

3. Another Side Alley Window

4. Another Old Building's windows

5. The upstairs windows of a shoplot painted in a fresh bright green color

6. A shop's back window

7. A modern shop's side window

8. A delightful tiled shop front with floral and peacock tiles. Very traditional looking

9. Ventilating Holes above the Windows

10. Comes in many designs too...

Will Post my Nature shots up soon...



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