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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bunny Casualties

Hrmmm....I seem to be getting hurt easily nowadays ever since I indulged in my outings for photography.

1. Nosebleed - A result of too many hot days and my body was really heaty. Who ever who brings bunny out on hot days must ensure bunny gets enough cooling liquids to consume.

2. Got scratched by a bouganvilla flower last Sunday. I only felt sore last Wednesday. I think it was my own body healing and the split skin was beginning to stick together again. Damn itchy and I am tempted to peel off the drying scab but I must resist to avoid scars!

3. Got bitten by huge mosquitoes in Bukit Gasing...I think this is not the normal mozzies...damn itchy...and painful though...

4. So itchy till I scratched it till bleeding. I hope this is poisonous blood...carrying the itchy poison away.

5. Got something bite me near my toe...damn itchy...

Sigh....I think different mozzies work on different strains of patch didn't work although it worked at Cinta Alam. My roll on repellent didn't work in Cinta Alam. Anyone have any sure win formula to apply and avoid these blood thirsty mosquitoes???



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