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Monday, April 21, 2008

Dinner at Sister's House

I love having dinner at my sister's house. It's either their fantastic Indonesian maid cooking or my Brother In Law (BIL) cooking. My BIL is a talented cook. Last night, he cooked up one of his many feasts - Prawn Fettucini with a creamy base and roast beef. My sister does killer desserts and fantastic salads too but we had a bought dessert last night - Mille Crepes Cake from Nadeje Patisserie, Malacca.

Here are some pictures of the yummy food we had last night. Yums.

Prawn Fettucini With Creamy Sauce

A closer look. See the many many prawns...

Lovely Fresh Prawns


The highlight of dinner - Herb Encrusted Roast Beef...slightly medium rare although the well done was still tender and juicy

Dessert all the way from Malacca. Mille Crepe cake bought from Nadeje Pattiesserie which is owned by a Japanese Lady. Must book before buying a whole cake.

Delicious when served cold. The crepes layers were sandwiched with fresh cream. Not too sweet but each mouthful was pure indulgence of richness. They have other flavors. This is original Vanilla flavour. They are also available in Chocolate, Coffee, Strawberry, Green Tea and others.


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