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Sunday, June 22, 2008

How The Fuel Hike Has Affected my Dog.....

Hello Everyone!

My name is Arwen and I am mormorbunny's guard dog and pet playmate. My owner tells me that this year is a very bad year...petrol prices has gone up! Rice prices has gone up! Food prices has gone up! Basically almost everything has gone up or going to go up but my owner's salary has not gone up...!!

Hence, my owner has not been able to give me the normal quantity of special treats anymore. Hence, my carefree dog treat days are gone. I am also affected by the human govt's call to "Ubah Gaya Hidup" or also known as "Change My Lifestyle".

1. This is what my usual pack of doggy treats contain...I usually get a whole piece of whatever that is in there...

2. strips are divided into 2s or 3s to make the packet longer lasting...

3. See...after dividing....a packet of dog treats can last me at least double to triple times....

My owner has made my doggy treats packet stretched longer. Sigh...I miss the good old days of ample doggy treats...!! I pray with my doggy heart to God to please "Decrease Oil Prices" !!!!!

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At June 28, 2008 at 11:36 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting depict :)

Soaring oil price has affected people from Asia to Europe,and America. Prays the global market oil price will lower soon.


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