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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Birthday Dinner at Nagomi, Jaya 33

Last nite, my hunny treated me to my 1st taste of Kobe Beef Shabu-Shabu at Nagomi, Jaya 33, Petaling Jaya. It was really suitable to have shabu-shabu last night as it was raining and cold. Shabu-Shabu is the Japanese version of Hot Pot or Steamboat. We had the set which came with 138 grams of kobe beef, mixed vegetables, special sauces and Nagomi Broth (Dashi Broth).

My Camera's battery died halfway as I didn't charge it after my Sg. Lembing Trip (will blog abt it later).

1. Nagomi's Menu

2. Daily Specials - 11.30am till 4.30am

3. Shabu-Shabu Set

4. Actual Set

5. How to cook...

6. Wow...the Kobe Beef so thinly sliced, so tender and yummy looking!!!
Fu-Yoh!!! Each thinly sliced beef to be rolled up first before dipping into the dashi broth... Delicious when swished for 15 seconds...letting it be cooked medium rare.
Thanks Hunny for bringing your Bunny to taste such luxury foods!!! This has been my yummiest birthday so far in my life!

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