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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Economy Rice Lunch yesterday....

Ubah Gaya Hidup (This is Malay for "Change your lifestyle") is the common phrase used by my Govt. to survive thru these hard times where petrol increased from RM1.90 to RM2.70, prices of food and electricity also increasing, rice increasing by almost RM1/kg and no sign of the salaries increasing. One must tighten own belt in order to make our salaries stretch to cover these costs increase. Even my dog feels it as last time she used to enjoy a whole strip of doggy bacon strip (about 5 inches long) and now she has to only settle for 1/3 of the strip each time she performs a trick.


Hence, this was my lunch yesterday. 4 dishes plus rice for RM4.50. Not bad for the amount of food that I took from the economy rice stall at Sg. Wang's 4th floor foodcourt...

1. Rice + French Beans + Cabbage + Roast Pork + half a salted egg...

2. The veggies were still crunchy and only qualms were the veggies was quite oily...

I am still bracing myself for the food price increase at Sg. Wang's food court...if I were to take the same combination of 2 veggies + 1 meat + 1 egg in other food courts, this would probably cost me around RM7.00 and above.

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