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Friday, June 27, 2008

Bunny Feet Care Part 1

When my foot starts looking like this...I'll know it's time to exfoliate and moisturize it well. This happens as a result of not wearing stockings when wearing shoes or wearing slippers...yes...slippers or no heel backing sandals can cause this to happen to my feet as the friction created from the non support with a combination of not caring towards my feet will look like this. I think my Hunny wouldn't want me to play footsie with him using this foot...

Yesterday whilst browsing in Watson's Store at Sg. Wang Plaza, I saw this...

Waaaaahh....Lil Foot Covers just like in the manicure/pedicure shops. I bought a pair at RM8.90. Hopefully I will remember to rub in the foot cream daily and maybe if I am more cling wrap my feet and then put the foot covers on for a better effect.

I plan to go for a pedicure tonight so that I can have smoother soles and continue the maintenance more easier....

Do you have the same problem as I do? Any tips on feet caring for me?



At June 28, 2008 at 2:32 AM , Anonymous peekaboo said...

you need to:
1) change your shoes
2) scrub your feet with a foot file daily, or at least at least!! once a week
3) consistently apply foot cream onto your feet every single night
4) change your shoes

do you wear heels a lot? coz it looks like you do (from where all the harden patches are on your feet).

wearing slippers don't do this to your feet. wearing slippers will just give you dry (or in serious cases, cracked) heels.

At July 1, 2008 at 8:16 AM , Blogger Mor Mor Bunny said...

Yes, I wear heels toe shoes too because I have bunions and that makes wearing closed toe shoes (except sneakers) very uncomfy...

what is a foot file? is it that long metal thingy or the pumice stone?

change shoes...*weeps* beautiful cheap high heels...


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