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Friday, June 27, 2008

Fong Lye, Gardens, Mid Valley

Hunny brought Bunny to eat at Fong Lye last Tuesday as we couldn't eat there on Friday as they were really packed...

The restaurant serves Taiwanese sort of food. This is what we ordered...TW Fried Chicken, Fried Tempura, Pork Intestine Set, Tea Smoked Duck with Glass Noodles and 1 Mineral Water. The order style was like Kim Gary whereby we had to write down our own orders with the order form and pencil provided by them.

The cup that came from the mineral bottle is so cute. Hunny drank from the cup as it contained ice whereas I drank straight from the bottle as I didn't fancy cold water that night.

Hunny did the ordering and I enjoyed this. It's Fried Tempura and it tastes like Keropok Lekor (a type of fish paste deep fried cake, native to East Coast States in Msia) with 5 Spice Powder (A popular combination of spices used in traditional chinese cooking). According to my Hunny, he said that it's tender chicken coated in batter and deep fried...but to me, it tasted like flour paste coated with 5 spice powder and then deep fried. Anyone here can help me verify which is true?

Hunny's Tea Smoked Duck with Glass Noodles came next. It tasted average according to him but he liked the fact that the duck was lean yet tender but he could barely taste the tea in the smoked duck. I had to avoid duck because the sinseh told me so as I was still nursing my sore ankle that night.

Our next appetizer of Taiwan Fried Chicken came next. They were piping hot and not oily at all. They tasted like KFC mini poppers but better. They were crispy on the outside and really juicy and tender on the inside. I must say that they have good oil temperature control.

Then my Pork Intestine Set (RM18) came. A mini pot of hot and sour pork intestine stew, a big bowl of rice with minced pork topping, a ginseng soup and a plate of 3 appetizers

The set also came with Prawn Dumpling, Blanched French Beans, Shredded Egg Omelette with dried mushrooms, carrot shreds and prawns. I only ate the french beans and let my hunny eat the other 2 because I couldn't eat prawn either due to the sinseh's advice.

Due to the vinegar used to make this spicy and sour base, I didn't quite enjoy this stew. I felt that the pig intestines weren't cleaned enough as it still had "that" taste. I also don't like to eat congealed pork blood unless it's been grilled...yet I finished all the intestines (about 4-5 pieces only) and left the rest in the pot.

The rice was nice and chewy and went well with the minced pork topping.

Hunny said that the soup was nice. He had to finish it and the fried chicken as I was too full and I did help him by finishing the Fried Tempura.

Overall, I would like to try this restaurant again to taste their other dishes and maybe next time just order 1 appetizer only as 2 was too much for us. I think the meal for us totalled up to around RM50.

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