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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bunny Eats Royal Purple "Caviar Grade" Fruits

I normally buy my fruits from the Pasar Malam (or night markets) but eversince my bag got snatched on my way home last Feb, I stopped going to Pasar Malam on my own. Then, I discovered MBC Fruit Trading outlets at the KLCC and KL Sentral outlets. They supply A to B grade fruits and are pricier than the other places. So I bought my fruits from them...I really enjoyed my mango season with them and now it's grapes and plums and nectarine season.

However, last night I bought some fruits from them and to my horror...3 small bunches of grapes and 4 plums cost me RM18.20!!! So pricey!! That's why I named this post as "Caviar Grade" Fruits...I didn't know till reach the cashier because the weighing scales are at the cashier and they key in the cash registar right after they weigh which is so smart of them. Yes..they were sweet but..but..not worth it. I think I will have to go back to Pasar Malam grade fruits again.

See!!! So $$$$$!!!! RM10!!!!

Champagne Grapes - tiny little morsels with sweet jelly like flesh. My 1st time eating and I will have to say that they will taste great if eating while drinking champagne.

The size of the grapes bunch as compared to my mobile phone

The size of the grapes bunch as compared to my book discount card

Sugar Plums are my favorite variety of plums as they are really sweet....yummy...but so $$$...RM8.23 (rounded to RM8.20)

4 yummy sweet juicy plums for RM8.20!!! That's like RM2.05 each...really luxury price!

This is RM18.20 worth of purple "caviar grade" fruits!!!!

This was my healthy breakfast which I ate on an empty tummy at 8.30am today and it lasted me till must ubah gaya hidup (change my lifestyle)

While eating...I felt so guilty while thinking of my dog, Arwen, that I also bought her this last night and no need to divide any of the pieces...I will let her have a whole piece for herself...This is Arwen's favourite...

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At July 4, 2008 at 10:38 AM , Anonymous Raelene said...

Mandy, I didn't know you had a blog.
I can't believe those grapes cost you that much, and for that size. Ridiculous, the prices here. But that's inflation :\

Your blog makes me hungry o_O


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