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Friday, May 29, 2009

Bunny eats Yong Tau Fu in Ampang

Today whilst out for market visit with the Sales Team, we went for lunch in a hidden part of Ampang for Yong Tau Fu (YTF). YTF is fish paste stuffed in tofu or veges. There are 3 shops situated next to each other but my colleague recommended to go to Foong Foong Yong Tau Fu Restaurant.

My colleagues can sure eat loads. They ordered 20 pieces deep fried dumplings and 40 pieces of mixed YTF!!!! My! My! This is the 1st time I have seen so much YTF at a go. That'd mean each of us will have to eat 15 pieces as there were 4 of us and 60 pieces to finish!

The Deep Fried Dumplings came first and they were so delicious!!!

The skin was nice and crispy and stuffed with juicy springy fish paste and crunchy water chestnut pieces. No wonder my colleagues loved them so much.

Next was the platter of mixed YTF...although my mum's YTF tastes better...these YTF were also good.

I was really stuffed after eating about 9 pieces of deep fried dumplings and mixed YTF plus a glass of sugarcane ice. The total bill was RM52.80 making it RM13.20 per person inclusive of drinks. Well worth the meal.

** Pics taken with my Sony Ericsson phone C902.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bunny's Langkawi Stash

Bunny went for company trip last weekend to Langkawi. It was my 1st visit there and I really enjoyed myself there. I didn't take any photos as I was feeling shy as I only just recently joined the company for about 2 weeks.

We stayed at Lanai Beach Resort which was ok but their food sucks.

Sinful stuff such as Chocolates, Ciggies, and Alcohol were so cheap there! Even the Dinning, baking, kitchenware were extremely cheap there! I was so tempted to buy a few sets of Corningware and Visions Cookware back but at 10kgs a box...I didn't as I didn't have my coolie Hunny with me.

Here's my stash worth dad's bottle of Green Label Whisky was so cheap!!! I only paid RM100 (duty free price was RM110) as my Managing Director was there and I got additional discount...kekeke...even my chocs were cheaper...

Aiyo...Cote D'Or Chocs in "mainland" Msia usually costs about RM18.90 a Langkawi they were RM9.90! So freaking cheap~ The Hersheys were RM7.50 to RM13.90 only and the Kinder Buenos were RM11.50 to RM19.90. Very very cheap compared to the after taxed prices.

I will definitely be back with my Hunny for a visit!!! Really nice place to visit...must go during low peak season bec it'll be much cheaper. :)

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Bunny eats Char Siu at Section 17

Hunny brought me to eat yummy charsiu at Happy Mansions (across from 6-to-10 Restaurant), Section 17 today. Luckily we reach there at 11.15am...bec after our orders were served, the crowd increased...

Hunny ordered a mixture of meats...

When the rice came, it was cooked with chicken stock...yummy...

The charsiu is the star here...roast pork belly is so-so and the roast chicken is forgettable...

It was so good that I made Hunny order another strip of char siu to eat as snack strip was RM16 for half lean half fatty... RM17 for our meal of mixed char siu, roast pork belly and chicken. Next time will just take the char siu....yummy!!!

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Corningware, Corelle, Pyrex, Visions Warehouse Sales 22 May - 24 May 2009!!!!

Please come and buy cheap authentic Corningware, Corelle, Visions and Pyrex products. The prices are heavily discounted!!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bunny eats at B & Best Restaurant

When my friend, Alvin, came from Melbourne for a visit, his friends took us to this awesome restaurant in ss4 to have fish noodles. This was my first time eating here although I live quite near to it. Alvin's friend took the liberty to order for all of us as we weren't familiar which fish to choose from.

This is how my bowl of noodles looked like...really clear sweet broth with delicious slices of fish in it (a mixture of 2 different fishes).

A close up view of the ingredients

The yummy piece of fish. I don't have it's english name...can someone help id the fish cantonese, it called "Loong Dan Yue". I love it! The flesh was smooth, firm and sweet and best of all the gelatinuous bit between the flesh and the skin....delicious!!!

We had drinks, fried fish cakes and fishballs on the side and all of us paid RM24 per pax. There were 9 of of us. Not a cheap place to go often for people with incomes like mine but was a pleasant place to eat.

There was a feature by another blogger that was published in The Star newspapers.

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Bunny eats at Zuup, 1 Utama

This was my 1st working Saturday of which Hunny was in 1U to shoot fashion show and I came later after work to join him. Hunny wasn't hungry so I went around looking for food. I came upon Zuup and decided to go in after reading rave reviews from bloggers such as babeinkl.

I had one of their all day set that came with a bowl of soup (Starter Size) and wedges at RM9.90 (RM10.90 nett). I ordered the Scotch Broth which consisted of yummy broth cooked with tender lamb meat, carrots, barley and some herbs. It was so hearty and totally comforting.

The wedges were delicious too! Fried to golden brown perfection with a crisp skin and super melt in mouth tenderness of the potatos inside.

Truly worth the visit to this special Zuup Cafe. I can't wait to try out the other soups on the menu too~~

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Bunny visits Secret Garden @ 1 Utama

I got sunburnt last Sunday walking around in 1 Utama. Impossible? 1U is all could I have gotten sunburnt? Read on to find out...

Did you know that there are 2 secret gardens in 1 Utama's new wing? One is the Secret Garden Cafe by Voir Gallery and another is the rooftop garden. Last weekend, I accompanied Hunny to 1 U so that he could get his bi-yearly fix of fashion show photography. As we were registering at the Customer Service Counter, we saw the public getting a card and it turned out to be the latest happening spot in 1U, the Secret Garden!

Hunny got me a pass and on the card, it stated 10am till 1am meaning that each person is only allowed to be in that Secret Garden for an hour which is the time stated on the card. I took the lift (same lift as going to the karaoke and rock climbing, I think) to level UR. This is what the entrance looked like...

After registering with the guard at the counter, I proceeded inside. It was a pleasant surprise to see a thriving garden with many trees, leafy and floral plants, creeping vines and cactuses at this rooftop garden.

Here are some of my favourite shots. The sun was really hot by the time I got up and there were many over hanging water sprays to keep the plants moist and hydrated.

Here are some of my not too good shots...I must really learn how to shoot these at better angles...

This one was nice but had 2 spots of water on it...I must have passed through one of the water sprays and gotten my lens wet... :(

I will come here again when I have the chance to go 1U but I would love to try it on a cloudy morning or the 5pm to 6pm session. This Secret Garden is opened only on weekends from 10am to 6pm. Limited passes can be collected free of charge at 1U (New Wing) Customer Service Counter. The pass will only enable you to enjoy the garden based on the time stated on it. Do bring along a hat and put on sunblock as it can get really hot and sunny in the garden. You don't to end up getting sunburnt like me!

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